10 Quick,Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

Monday marks the start of a new week! When waking up early, it sometimes means rushing to work and missing breakfast completely or buying something on the go, which leads to unhealthy eating!
Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and provides your mind and body with the power and nutrients it needs for the day. Why not choose what you eat wisely?
In hopes of being able to help and give you quick options to make a healthy breakfast. Here are ten recommendations that are well balanced and easy to make! Only have a few ingredients involved!

1.Eggs Florentine Omelette

Easy omelette with spinach and feta! My go to! 


2. Huevos Rancheros-

You can use left over taco meat or whatever meat you prefer, some fresh salsa or canned and fry an egg!


3. Overnight Oats

Easy oatmeal that you can make at night!


4. Fruit Smoothie/Juice

Quick fruit smoothies/ juices you can whip up instantly!


5.Scrambled Eggs/ with smoked turkey bacon.

Easy scrambled eggs with turkey bacon! With a piece of avacado or some hummus!

6.Egg In a hole Toast

Toast a piece of bread and in the middle fry an egg and add salt pepper and a little parsley!





7. Avacado with Eggs!
Scrambled or over easy eggs with avacado smash!




8.Breakfast Wrap

Try a whole wheat wrap or spinach wrap with scrambled and crumbled turkey bacon or sausage! Add your favorite garnish and a little cheese!

9. Smoked Salmon Toast

Toast a piece of whole wheat toast and spread some hummus or avacado mash. Layer a few pieces of smoked salmon with tomato! 


10.Eggs with smoked turkey and hummus

The name itself tells you what this yummy breakfast consists of!

Here are my ten recommendations that I personally love to make for my breakfast! Let me know which ones you try or love! Here is to better meals to start your day!


-Christina Guptar

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