Join us in honoring Pride Month with jewelry that celebrates love, diversity, and authenticity

Celebrate Pride Month with our exclusive jewelry collection, crafted to embody unity, diversity, and acceptance. Explore vibrant designs that honor individuality and express your authentic self with every piece. Let this Pride Month be a celebration of love and inclusivity, shining brightly with our stunning creations.

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Who am I ?

Alzerina is a Caboverdean jewelry designer and the proud owner of Alzerina Jewelry. Her dream has always been to capture the beauty of the inner strength possessed by women. Each piece embodies confidence, sensuality, and style.

Learn more about Alzerina's story and dream here.

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Alzerina Jewelry x Andreia Gibau

Alzerina Jewelry, in collaboration with Anderia Gibea, presents a unique collection that beautifully blends craftsmanship and creativity.

Discover statement pieces and intricate designs that celebrate individuality and elegance. Each item is a masterpiece, crafted with Anderia's artistic touch and Alzerina's precision. Elevate your style with this exclusive collaboration, where beauty meets creativity.

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Cabo Verde Believe

Our Cabo Verde Believe collection is inspired by the Conta Di Ojo bead that originated in Cabo Verde, Africa. Each one of our handcrafted jewelry pieces is made with authentic Conta di Ojo beads, which are widely known as a symbol of protection from the evil eye. Each bead is unique in its own way, and brings the wearer good luck and good energy.

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