A Night Out on the Town

A Night Out on the Town

Are you getting a little stir crazy and want a night out with your partner? I have some amazing suggestions for a beautiful night out in New York. 

A nice night out is a great opportunity to pull out some amazing handcrafted Alzerina jewelry. 

Dress up with a statement choker or nice simple earrings. A few of my favorites to wear out include the Gala Choker in silver,


The Eternal Love Bracelet,

And the Paradise Earrings.


As you run out of your house don't forget to grab a mask to match your outfit!

If you are in the mood for the best pizza in Manhattan you must stop by Prince Street Pizza. Thin crust topped with an amazing tomato sauce, which is the best combination of sweet, tangy, and savory. Paired with fresh buffalo mozzarella. My favorite slices when I go are the Margherita slice and a Soho Square with pepperoni (on the menu as the Spicy Prince). It is a great stop if you are on a budget, with whole pies as well as by the slice options. 

After you grab your pizza head over the Lil Cupcake Bakeshop and grab a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake. The shop has a wide selection of cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. Personally, I love the Brooklyn Blackout, a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. They have been voted to have the best chocolate cake in America.

Once you have your dinner and dessert, you can take a short ten-minute walk to Washington Square Park to have a picnic on the grass, or near the iconic Washington Square Park Arch. If you want a hidden secluded date, walk over to Elizabeth Street garden, it is littered with statues to look at and provides nice benches to stop and eat. 

Take a stroll back home and stop to grab a bouquet of flowers or new cactus for your partner, at Plantshed cafe. Plants are the best way to a woman's heart, it is a foolproof way to end a date.


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