Best Picnic Spots!

Best Picnic Spots!

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by planning an outing! One of the best ways is by planning a picnic! Pick your favorite spot, pack your picnic basket or even buy some sandwiches and quick snacks and head out to your relaxing and fun outdoor lunch and soak up the sun!
I have a few recommendations for the perfect picnic spot-

Randall’s Island-


This is a great spot to sit and view the East River and watch the tug boats go back and forth. You are in the middle of Harlem, while being able to view Queens. I actually had a great picnic during quarantine here!

-Governor’s Island

Just a ferry ride away, it is truly a beautiful place to not only picnic but to enjoy a day of food and adventure. There are so many works of arts and little hidden gems! One of my favorite places in NYC!

Brooklyn Bridge Park-

Truly a place where you come and enjoy city views and find a great spot to play some volleyball and then enjoy some great food!

There are also many other spots, that I enjoy such as Morningside park, Mullaly, Prospect and Central Park!

Remember wherever you choose, just make sure you have fun and enjoy the day!

-Christina Guptar

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