Easy Care House Plants

Easy Care House Plants

As self-isolation drags on and we are spending more and more time inside. During this time I have become obsessed with house plants. It's a dirty little secret of mine that I bought 15 plants in just the last two months. Well maybe not a secret. I post about my plants too often for it to be an uncommon piece of knowledge. It's definitely an obsession, but even then that might not be a strong enough word to describe it. But this new hobby has me finding cute local plant shops near where I live. I have travelled all over the Bay Area finding plants for my house.

You don't have to have a green thumb to own a couple of plants.

I have a few plant suggestions including some of my favorite low maintenance plants for beginner plant parents. Here are just a few super cute and easy plants to take care of.

First is the heart leaf philodendron, it can become bushy if you pinch off the long vines or you can let it grow into a vine/hanging plant. Just leave it in indirect light with light water when soil becomes dry.

Peace Lily: This plant flowers blooms once in its lifetime, it is a gorgeous addition to any house. Water only when the leaves start to droop a little, they are able to thrive in areas with fluorescent lighting and rooms without windows. If you have animals be sure to keep it out of reach since they can be toxic when ingested.

Chinese Money plant (pilea), I bought my Chinese money plant at a local Trader Joes. Keep them in shaded light and water them when the leaves are droopy. Rotate it to avoid it becoming lopsided. This plant will be easy to propagate since little plantlets will sprout off the original. 

Snake Plants are great additions to any plant collection. They are super easy to take care of, you just kind of plant it and forget it. These plants grow fast and most say they are the hardest to kill. In the winter only water your snake plant every one to two months. It can survive in low light situations but prefers bright light.

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