My favorite gardens in NYC!

My favorite gardens in NYC!


Daylight savings time was on Sunday! That means longer days are here! What a perfect way to spend a day than in some of the great hidden gardens that New York has! There is nothing more relaxing or a great date idea to venture into a garden and spend time with friend/friends or with your significant other!

One of my favorite gardens:

Conservatory Garden-1233 5th Avenue, NY,NY 10029

I stumbled upon this garden when I use to live in Harlem! I love it so much that this is my place I would like to take wedding photos in! There are two beautiful fountains, Untmeyer and Burnett. So beautiful you must see for yourself!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden-990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn,NY 11225

I remember visiting this place as a kid, I absolutely love it! Love looking at all the exotic plants and exhibits. Visiting the Steinhardt Conservatory and all the indoor gardens it has to offer!

So these are two of my favorite gardens that I love to visit!

I have also found two great articles about gardens of the city and hidden ones that I would like to personally visit!

Hope you enjoy visiting NYC’s gardens! Perfect for Spring!

-Christina Guptar

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