New Fall Drink

New Fall Drink

Are you ready for the fall season? It's that time of year again, when the kids are headed back to school, Target starts selling Halloween costumes and Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Your walk to work in the morning becomes a little more chilly and the leaves are getting ready to change colors. Fall in New York is the absolute best time, spending extra time in Central Park with a good book and a cup of homemade coffee. Yumm I can’t wait! 

I know the pumpkin spice craze is on going, but personally, I like to indulge in some less common flavors. 

Here is my favorite autumn drink recipe for a morning pick-me-up as you stroll to work. This is a recipe my friend taught me that is a dupe of the seasonal Starbucks drink and it tastes so much better!


This is what you will need to get started!

  • French press or aeropress
  • Coffee grounds


1 cup of water

2 tbs of coffee

⅓ cup of oat milk

Caramel sauce (to taste)

Cinnamon (to taste)

Now that you have your ingredients let's get started!

First you will want to start off with making your espresso, in a french press you will want to boil a little extra water to pour in it to warm up the french press. After you have poured the water to warm it up, swish it around the french press and pour it out. Pour in two tablespoons of coffee grounds and the cup of water. Mix it around with a spoon and leave to steep for 5 minutes then put the plunger in.

Have a cup ready with ice and caramel drizzled and then pour in the freshly brewed espresso.

Add in ⅓ cup of oat milk and finish off with more caramel sauce and cinnamon.

Now that you've made your new favorite Autumn drink, it’s time to get ready for the day by putting on some festive colors and Alzerina jewelry to match. Here are some of my favorite pieces as we transition into Autumn.

Here’s how you can spice up any outfit with an accessory.

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