Quick Noodle Stop in FIDI!

Quick Noodle Stop in FIDI!

During cold winter months we all tend to stay in and eat more, but now with Covid, there is no doubt at all we will spending significantly more time inside! Usually leads us to enjoying more food and ordering in! I know after a long day or even for a quick lunch we all usually go to our favorite place! For me when I am in the Fidi area( financial district) I am usually grabbing something quick, easy and delicious on my break from work! One of my preferred lunches is a good Ramen or tasty noodle dish. It can even warm you up on a chilly day!

I decided to put a list together of a few of my go to spots for lunch and that I really enjoy!

Sushi&Co.- One of the newer restaurants, and they offer black rice sushi which is a little different.
For lunch I usually order the Beef Udon or Vegetable Ramen. If your in the mood for a little bigger meal, order the chicken katsu bento box 🍱!


Kuu Ramen- Easy and quick place to grab a warm bowl of Ramen. I like the Miso Beef Ramen!
They have alot of other great options!

Mike’s Noodle House.

The times I have been here there is usually a line, but they are sure to deliver delicious food and in speedy fashion. I like the Egg noodle with beef and scallion pancakes!


Aroy Dee- Now I added in this Thai spot, which is actually right next to KUU Ramen. I love everything, I have tasted on the menu. By far I love the pineapple fried rice, fried chicken and curry puffs! I want to try their whole menu!


When your in the Fidi are be sure to stop by and try these spots! You will be sure to enjoy!




-Christina Guptar

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