Snowed In!

Snowed In!

Whenever I was a little girl and I would hear a snow storm approaching I would get so excited! I would get this feeling of happiness and relaxation. Knowing that I would get to go outside and play with my friends in the snow! I even remember walking all the way to one of my best friends’ house to just hang out, it was a far walk!

As an adult a snow day means something completely different. It gives you this feeling of relaxation as you know you can sleep in and not wake up early. You do not need an excuse to stay in! As this is the first snow storm of 2021, I thought it be fun to share my idea of a great way to spend a snow day!

Here is my idea of a great snow day❄️-

Start off with making a great breakfast! Make one of your faves or get creative, take your time and make French toast or waffles or chocolate chip pancakes!
Do it alone or make it an activity with anyone you want!

Later get ready for some board game fun! Monopoly, Jenga, uno are some of my favorites! If you have a Nintendo switch or PS5 you can play that as well!
You can take this time to be constructive and work on your craft or hobby. I love to write and blog! You can do whatever you enjoy in your spare time! To also sit down and enjoy reading a great book!

After this, I would say you worked up an appetite and it’s lunch time! You can make a great lunch from home or even order in from your favorite restaurant!

Now comes he time to get cozy on the couch and watch some great movies!
I did this with my whole family and we watched some great movies!
Here are the recommendations that we actually watched together-

The next three days- Suspense thriller with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks.

The Impossible- Starring Naomi Watts, the harrowing journey one family endured to make it back to each other after a Tsunami. Based on a true story.


Catch Me if you Can- Real life story starring Leonardo DiCaprio portraying one of the greatest con mans in history.

There are so many other countless great movies, but these were my picks and they were great for the family or anyone your with!

Lastly, finishing off with a great meal for dinner! Again you can use this time to whip up a recipe you have been wanting to try or if you did not order lunch you can place that order for that meal you love or restaurant you have been wanting to try while you watch one of the movies!

There is my idea of a great snow day! However, you can choose to spend your day however you like! Just enjoy it and revel in this day of relaxation and beauty of Mother Nature!


-Christina Guptar


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