Spring Cleaning anyone?

Spring Cleaning anyone?

With March less than two weeks away, it comes the time for the annual Spring cleaning! Time to de clutter your room or home and start fresh. There is something refreshing and relaxing in doing this! After almost two weeks of laying in bed due to being sick, I decided to clean my room.
Like many, I struggle sometimes to throw out old papers that I think are memorable. I learned that if your not going to use it or have not, it’s best to throw it away or give it away or even donate it. There’s even local bins that you can drop off your donations, it will also help your room/space feel much lighter! I have found a minimalistic approach is the best! Making room and organizing easier. So make sure you set some time to do your Spring Cleaning!

My tips for Spring Cleaning:

  1. Set a date and commit to the time.
  2. Make a plan of what areas your cleaning.
  3. Have fun decluttering and even use this time to find a new way to organize.

Here is an article to help you and see the benefits of Spring Cleaning:



Happy Spring Cleaning!


-Christina Guptar

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