Spring Jewelry Must-Haves

Spring Jewelry Must-Haves

Welcome in Spring with some of our Top Picks for the Season!


Spring is the time to pull out your more colorful and vibrant accessories! Bright colors, shiny crystals and a mix of bold and petite are exactly what the spring season calls for!


Long Layered Necklaces are the perfect pieces for Spring. They are light and airy, creating the perfect soft addition to your outfits. The varying length and dimensions add interest without being overwhelming. They can easily become your go-to pieces every morning.

Bold beaded Necklaces can be a great statement piece for spring! The most important factor for these types of pieces is the color! Bright and pastel colors are the most ideal for that Spring time look! They can quickly dress up any drab outfit that needs a little extra something.

Drop Pendant Necklaces are a fun twist off the traditional pendant design. They add length and increase the area of attention to the outfit. They can literally tie a look together by visually connecting all the pieces to create a cohesive and appealing style. Depending on the type you choose, they can be the featured accessory of the outfit or work with other pieces to share the spotlight.

Nothing is more Spring then a cute bangle bracelet. These light and airy accessories can stand alone or be stacked for a more whimsical look. There is no better time to play around with different designs in terms of textures, materials, colors, embellishments, ect.  A bangle is the perfect piece to experiment with and they go with practically anything!

If the beaded look if one you like but a necklace may be a bit bold for you, bracelets are the way to go! A beaded bracelet can give your outfit the same type of embellishment without risking it taking over the entire look. Available in a variety of styles, a beaded bracelet can easily be one of the most versatile pieces in your collection.

Cute earring are an essential for spring time! Dangle earrings are perfect for swaying in the breeze. They glisten in the sun and bring attention to the face! Bright colors and crystals add youthful energy to any outfit. With a multitude of varieties to choose from, dangle earrings are a staple for any jewelry lover.

Hoop earrings are a unique look in themselves and definitely add some flare to any look. Incorporating colors and textures only adds to their fun energy. No better time then Spring to try something new and be a bit bolder then usual!

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