Spring Jewelry Trends 2021!

Spring Jewelry Trends 2021!

March is here! Everyone knows that means Spring time is fast approaching! Warm weather, flowers blooming and color returns to the world. As a new season begins, new trends are here! I am here to present to you the new Spring Jewelry trends for Spring 2021! So get ready to rock these looks!

Colorful beads and Rainbow necklaces-

Add pops of color, that makes it a beachy look.

Mismatched earrings-

Bold, different look to any ensemble.
-Glass earrings and pendants

Add a touch of whimsy and abstract to accessorize.

-Galactic Earrings set

Wear these starry accessories to make you far out in style!

-Fruit Salad Necklace-

Add this Spring touch, with this unique and cute necklace perfect for Spring!

Large pendants and Pear and Chain Necklaces-

Adding a statement necklace to any look is always a must!

Metal and Brass jewelry-

Add a bit of modern, by adding these pieces to help your outfit pop!

Chain and gold Necklaces-.
Gold necklaces and accessories are always a great way to complete a look!

Here are two articles to help you see these trends in action and give you some inspiration for your Spring looks!



-Christina Guptar

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