Staying Active During The Pandemic

Staying Active During The Pandemic

It has already been one year since we have been in the pandemic of the corona virus, which has claimed half a millions lives, and our world as we know it has become a very different place! It is more important than ever to stay grounded and be active as much as possible in your life! To not only keep a sense of normalcy for your self but to be able to relieve stress as well.
The best part about this is if your trying something new or keeping up with your daily routine, now there is no excuse to not be able to do it or start! With working from home comes the advantage of having more time to actually fit in time for things you want to do! Or even being able to fit it in appropriately during your work schedule or daily activities!
The best way to implement that is by starting a new schedule to try make time for the type of activity you want to do!
Best forms of movement to help you stay calm and healthy!


Any type of exercise is a great way to keep the body and mind moving! It is a great way to stay healthy in your mind, body and soul. There are so many forms and options of exercising that are great!
Running, yoga, biking, jogging and even meditation. I also enjoy walking! There are countless others. These are some of the ones that I do in my everyday life and are easily accessible. With the gyms reopening, working out is still available but with caution and another one that I want to learn is roller blading. I recommend starting slow and then start to make it daily or when it can fit in your schedule! I also do want to try a soul cycle class that is outdoors!

This is also the perfect time take up a new hobby or devote time to one that you like! For me, it’s writing, blogging and content creating and fashion just as I am writing now for this blog!
Here is an article on some hobbies you can get into if you need some inspiration-

So get started on that exercise routine or that new hobby you want to try! Remember stay calm and have fun!





-Christina Guptar

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