Story Of The Cabo Verde Believes Collection!

Story Of The Cabo Verde Believes Collection!

The Conta D’Oi Bead!

Every piece in the Cabo Verde Believe Collection features the signature Conta D’io bead. This bead draws it’s design from the many eye inspired beads unique to the Western region of Africa.

In the Cape Verde Islands they have been utilized for centuries as a bead for good luck, positive energy and protection against the evil eye. In order to bring good luck they must be worn or used in an odd number amount such as 1, 3, or 5 at a time.

Alzerina discovered bags and bags filled with the conta d’oi beads in her mother’s house in Cape Verde that had been sitting there for well over 65 years. When she examined the beads she was able to determine that they were in fact original and thus began the jewelry collection we all know as Cabo Verde Believes.

Alzerina, who already had an established company and business, devoted her time to making beautiful jewelry accentuated with conta d’oi charms for everyone. The Cabo Verde Believes collection is about giving back to her native country and giving her people something to be proud of.

This collection was made to share the conta d’oi with all of the people around the world to have as a provider of good luck, positive energy and protection from the evil eye. It also serves the ever important purpose of being a stylish fashion accessory

Alzerina wears one piece of jewelry made with the Conta D’oi everyday because she feels in power knowing she is wearing something from her CVB Collection. It connects her back to the roots and embraces ideal of positive energy that she lives her life by.

-Fontainhas village on Santo Antão Island

-Sao Vicente Island

-Assomada in Santiago Island

Alzerina has received special recognition from the United States Congress for her contributions toward preserving Cape Verdean culture in the United States.

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