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The Pros of Fashion Week

     Pretentious and pompous is what we’ve witnessed the fashion industry be labeled over the years. All too commonly, the jab tends to affirm itself come Fashion Week. We confess, there are times when we agree with the sentiment and are blundered by the blows of the fashion industry, but there are other times when we’re enamored by all that fashion has to offer. Typically, we feel the latter; especially around Fashion Week. So let’s cut to the chase–here are the pros of Fashion Week.

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     As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes it’s really about who you know, not what you know. NEVER underestimate what talking to others can do for you. Many people tend to shy away from networking due to the fact that they feel like they don’t have anything to offer, or that they’re a “work in progress”. Big mistake. Being the type of person that is willing to be momentarily uncomfortable in order to meet their goals is exactly what will put you on the road to accomplishing them. People are looking for skills, yes. But, they also value confidence. Think of it as an equation: confidence=competence. If you have the belief that you can achieve anything, patience, practice, and dedication are all that are standing in your way. For fashion enthusiasts, this week is the best time to put your confidence to the test. Proverb warning: Walk into a room like God sent you.

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Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutte



     We’ll eventually be under the influence. Of fashion, that is. The clear cut purpose of Fashion Week is to exhibit to spectators each brand’s clothing for the season. Ideally, these looks are meant to be worn in the episodes of everyday life. What this signifies to us is the expansion of our stylistic palette. New styles may enable us to consider expressing ourselves differently, which ultimately sets the tone for how we experience life and vice versa. Also, many fashion houses choose to pay tribute to pop culture by incorporating figments of societal elements in their shows. This suggests that not only does clothing impact us, but we hold the power to affect it just the same. An example of this is Moschino’s Fall/Winter 2014 runway show, where processed food is a significant element of many of the garments presented. This show forces onlookers to consider the influence fast-food has on their lives. While the pieces are outré, we commend the urgent conversation it initiates.

Moschino's Fall/Winter 2014 runway show via Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images


#3 WORK:

     Remember what we said about being more confident and putting yourself out there? Well, working at Fashion Week demands that. Whether you’re modeling, blogging, or steaming clothes, you will have to make yourself known. Fashion Week is perfect for creatives, no matter the experience level, to expand on their abilities. The experience is another opportunity to further develop your reputation. If fashion is your industry of choice, volunteering allows you to practice and assess the labor firsthand. We get that Meryl Streep makes it intimidating, but the devil doesn’t wear Prada alone. Again, put yourself out there. Working at Fashion Week can be the segue to a life altering future. 

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Ben Gabbe/Getty Images


#4 ART:

     If you don’t think clothing is an art form, well, we’re sorry to hear that. Fashion Week upkeeps all the pizzazz and eccentricity long associated with dressing. Because clothing articles ideally require a wearer, the user takes on the role of a performer. Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly engaging in a performing art that only emphasizes itself, come Fashion Week. Clothing gives us identities that are otherwise missing without their use. Simply put, Fashion Week celebrates the art of creating, buying, and wearing clothes.

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Luca Tombolini



     Okay, this one is a little debatable depending on your political affiliation, but here goes: Fashion Week helps the economy. There are many people that come from all corners of the world just to observe the spectacle. The upsurge in tourism, ideally provides an increase in jobs, which in turn creates an augmented cash flow in the city where it takes place. Annually, the week alone tends to generate close to a billion dollars in New York. Infrastructure is also believed to be improved, the more a city welcomes tourists. The melting pot of the world experiences this firsthand.

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     If nothing proves itself interesting about the fashion industry, we hope that at the very least, you find the idea of fashion shows entertaining. Entertainment can help us grow closer to our likes and dislikes. Regardless of which one fashion is for you, it’s a win. Knowing what you like and don’t allows you to further develop your identity enough to understand what you need in order to lead a fulfilling life. For many, fashion is a creative outlet that provides escapism from hardships. This also leads to the possibility of healthily coping with mental illnesses or emotional distress. Whatever your feelings are towards fashion, if examined thoroughly, it can help you better understand your personality and the depths of your human experience.

The Devil Wears Prada via Fox 2000 Pictures Collection ChristopheL/AFP

Fox 2000 Pictures Collection ChristopheL/AFP

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