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Alzerina's Story: An Inspiring Tale of Creation

In the remote village of Portalzinho Garca on the island of San Antao, Cape Verde, Alzerina Gomes discovered her passion for beauty at the tender age of four. It was there, under her mother's first sewing lessons, where her love for creation blossomed. This passion would accompany her throughout her life, guiding her toward an exceptional destiny.

Setting off for Paris in the early 1990s, Alzerina immersed herself in the art of jewelry making, nurturing the idea of becoming a renowned creator. It was there that she fell in love with the Swarovski brand, nurturing dreams of bringing innovative designs to life.

In 1998, Alzerina landed in New York, where in 2005, she fulfilled her dream by launching her own venture, Alzerina Jewelry. From a dream in a remote village to a thriving enterprise spanning New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Cape Verde, Alzerina's journey is an ode to determination and creativity.

A Visionary Creative Force

Today, Alzerina Gomes is renowned for her creations in jewelry and clothing, elevated by her innovative use of Swarovski crystals. Her elegant designs, enriched by the brilliance of crystals and her contemporary Alzi line, embody a style as unique as the creator herself.

Her jewelry graces the pages of fashion magazines and lights up the sets of Warner Bros. and Disney productions. Celebrities like Sharon Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Katheryn Winnick, alongside Miss Universe 2017, Miss USA 2017, and Miss Teen 2012/13, are enamored by her creations. Last year, Alzerina's products enchanted Times Square when they were featured on NBC's giant screen, providing unparalleled visibility to her works.

Recognition and Commitment

Beyond fashion, Alzerina's work and commitment have been acknowledged by the U.S. Embassy in Cape Verde, international organizations in Lisbon and Rome, and by the U.S. Congress for her contribution to preserving Cape Verdean culture.

But for Alzerina, success goes hand in hand with responsibility. Her commitment to educating underprivileged children and her desire to guide women through entrepreneurship in Africa reflect her determination to make a difference in the world.

Alzerina Gomes, a woman whose story, passion, and creativity are woven into every thread of her creations, will continue to inspire and illuminate. Explore her world at to dive into the sparkling realm of creativity.